by Savitha C Muppala on  September 7, 2013 at 8:54 AM General Health News
 Man Has Hiccuped 5.25 Million Times Since 2012
Thirty-seven-year-old Daniel Clavin, who works with British Telecom has a strange and annoying problem.

Every seven seconds he hiccups and this has continued since 2012. In his estimate, he has experienced about 5.25 million since.

The problem is so intense that he feels fatigued enough to pass out or is unable to sleep. Infact, it can keep him awake for many hours during the night.

He has still not found a cure for this condition after seeking many medical remedies. He has undergone two endoscopies, a CAT scan, altered his diet, consumed tranquillizers and consulted a chiropractor. He will be undergoing an MRI soon to find the underlying cause of his condition.

He said: "They've taken over my life. I woke up with them one morning after a stag do and I've had them ever since. I've no idea why they started - I'd had more to drink than I had for some time but it was nothing out of the ordinary, just the usual mix of beer and spirits. "Some days are worse then others and on odd days they'll stop, but they can get so bad I pass out or throw up my food. There are times when I can't breathe for 30 seconds because they lock up my diaphragm. Nights are bad and sometimes I wake up and the whole bed is shaking because they are so violent and I'll go to sleep in a different room so Susan can get some rest."

Source: Medindia

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