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Man Astounds Doctors With Five Kidneys!
In an astounding medical discovery, a man from Hamilton was found to have five kidneys, instead of the usual two.

Brigham Nordstrom, 28, a law student, was admitted to Waikato Hospital with kidney infection.

After conducting the scan, the doctors discovered one duplex kidney and one triplex kidney.

Instead of having one tube or ureter joining each kidney to the bladder, Nordstrom had two tubes on the left and three on the right.

However, Nordstrom had been living a normal life despite the unusual innards.

He and his wife Leianne, who have a seven-month-old daughter, said urology doctors told them there was nothing to worry about and his health would be unaffected.

"They just said he was a bit more interesting than the normal man," the NZPA quoted Leianne, as telling the Waikato Times.

Nordstrom will not be donating any of the extra parts, as the doctors believe it could be problematic.

"He's a generous guy but he wouldn't have contemplated that and neither has it been asked of him. [Doctors] said any type of surgery has complications," Leianne said.

Nordstrom said he was preparing for "a bit of ribbing" from his family and friends about the discovery.

"One of my brothers has such a big appetite that he's been joking about having three stomachs," Nordstrom said.

Previously, a 17-year-old Chinese girl, a Serbian man, a Latvian man and two European brothers were also found to have four kidneys each.

Source: ANI

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