by Tanya Thomas on  November 18, 2008 at 9:45 AM Lifestyle News
Male Chauvinism V/s Downright Feminism- Brit Women Fail Their Own!
Brit women in general and the older ones in particular, have revealed in a study that they would rather work under a male boss than a female one.

The majority who "vote for the man", which figures around 73 pct, however rises to 81 per cent for women aged 55 and over, the research found.

According to the study for The Telegraph, women today in the UK have high expectations from a partner: two thirds -67 per cent- would rather hold out for the perfect, romantic partner than settle for a man who's "good enough".

The research for Stella magazine revealed that one in five women smokes, but nearly one in three does not drink.

YouGov, the research agency, was commissioned by to interview more than 1,000 women of all ages and backgrounds on everything from family values to their eating habits, and from their views on plastic surgery to those on sex and shopping.

Fifty per cent of women are "very unhappy" or "fairly unhappy" with their body: virtually the same number -49 per cent- are either "very happy" or "fairly happy" with it, the study found.

Almost half of women -49 per cent- think that between 25 and 29 is the best age to get married, and an identical per cent believe that between 25 and 29 is also the best age to have children, the study found.

More than half of women -51 per cent- think it is best for a couple to marry before having children, while nearly two out of five women -38 per cent- think a woman should stay at home until her child goes to school.

Source: ANI

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