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Malaysian Woman Claims To Be 107 Years Old, Records Say She Is 84 Years Old
She claims to be 107 years old, but the National Registration Department's records in Malaysia show her to be only 84, say reports.

The revelation about Mek Wook Kondor, of Kampung Tok Bat in Kuala Berang, came after a newspaper report claimed that she was looking for a 23rd husband, as she feared her 34-year-old husband Mohd Noor Che Musa would leave her after getting out from drug rehab.

The department documents show Kondor's birth date as April 11, 1925, but Abu Bakar Abd Rahman, the state director of the NRD, admitted Kondor might be older than her registered age.

"But back then, it was not uncommon for parents or legal guardians to wait a few years before registering a child's birth... It could well be the case for Wook, although I doubt that she is a centenarian, judging by her physical appearance and alertness," News Straits Times Online quoted Rahman as saying.

Rahman said that Safiah Yusoff, who passed away in 2007 at the age of 120, was the oldest woman in the country.

"It may not be possible to determine the exact age of a person born a long time ago but we do have certain methods of gauging a person's age," he said.

"We have done it with Safiah and we are willing to try it with Wook, if she is willing.

"She can walk on her own, has a good memory and she is the complete opposite of Safiah, who could barely talk or remember her past," said Abu Bakar, who concluded that Wook could not be much older than her official age of 84.

"In Wook's case, we will study her life history and cross-reference it to important events along the way.

"But it may not be proper to pry into her life now as Wook is having a tough life coping with the absence of her husband," he added.

Meanwhile, Kondor has rubbished reports claiming that she is looking forward to remarrying.

She said: "I love my husband with all my heart and as long as I shall live, there will be no other man for me."

Source: ANI

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