by Savitha C Muppala on  July 6, 2010 at 9:21 PM General Health News
 Malaysian Beaches Becoming Infamous for Sexual Activities
Malaysian anti-vice volunteers catch close to 10 nude couples on a daily basis along the Tok Jembal and Teluk Ketapang beaches, which are becoming infamous for sexual activities.

Many of those coming to these beaches are reportedly students from institutes of higher learning.

A volunteer, on the condition of anonymity, said most couples were caught "doing it" behind coconut trees, rocks, inside cars and even openly on the beaches.

"For non-Muslim couples, we could only advise them on the sensitivity of their action to the locals but Muslims caught will be produced before the Syariah Court," The Star Online quoted the source, as saying.

He revealed that anti-vice officers go to places identified as "hot spots" in order to catch people in the act.

The informer said: "We listen for sounds of heavy breathing and kissing.

"We then move in and aim our torchlights on the couples. In most cases, they are caught naked."

The 48-year-old insider, who claims to have nabbed 1,200 couples on the beaches since he began working as a volunteer in 2004, added: "I cannot take it any longer and am thinking of giving up this work. I have decided that enough is enough after six years as a volunteer,"

Terengganu state executive councillor Rozi Mamat said: "I have received numerous complaints from nearby villagers about immoral behaviour."

Rozi, newly-appointed as the state Youth and Sports committee chairman, added: "These activities could lead to moral decay among our youths if we keep mum on the matter."

Source: ANI

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