by Kathy Jones on  July 11, 2010 at 1:29 PM Lifestyle News
 Make More Friends by Expressing Your Emotions
Experts say that poker-faced people who stay emotionally guarded no matter what situation they face have trouble making friends.

According to The New York Times, psychologists found that students who were best at suppressing their emotions also were the ones who had the most difficult time making friends.

"An individual who responds to the college transition by being emotionally guarded in the first few days" would probably miss chances for friendship, wrote the authors of that study, published last year.

"If staying calm and patient and confident is what has worked for you in crisis situations in the past then subconsciously, it may become automatic. And the more automatic it becomes, the less of the actual anger, or panic, you feel," the New York Daily News quoted Hebrew University psychologist Maya Tamir as saying

George Mason University's Todd Kashdan suggested that researchers measure three components of emotion: concealing it, adjusting it (as in rapidly tamping down anger) and tolerating it (openly showing emotion rather than holding it back).

"These are each valuable strategies, in different situations," Boston University psychology professor Stefan G. Hofmann said.

"The people who get into trouble socially, I believe, are the ones who are inflexible - who stick to just one."

Source: ANI

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