Majority of Kids Own Mobile Phones Than Books

by Kathy Jones on May 29 2010 7:35 PM

 Majority of Kids Own Mobile Phones Than Books
A new study by the National Literacy Trust has found that kids as young as seven years are more likely to own a mobile phone rather than a book.
The study included 17 000 schoolchildren aged seven to 16. The researchers report that the ability to read properly was linked to access to books at home. Just about 58 percent of the kids surveyed who read below their expected level had books of their own, while over 75% of those who read above the expected level had books of their own.

"Our research illustrates the clear link with literacy resources at home and a child's reading ability," Jonathan Douglas, director of the National Literacy Trust told the Daily Mail. "By ensuring children have access to reading materials in the home, families can help them to do well at school and to enjoy opportunities throughout their life."

He adding that many UK kids would grow up without attaining proficiency in literacy levels and that this would seriously affect their future. The survey also found that a whooping 85.5 percent of pupils have their own mobiles, compared with 72.6 percent who had their own books