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 Maharaksha Personal Injury Policy by Tata AIG
Life is unpredictable. You cannot avoid accidents but you can make sure they don't hurt your family's finances. In case of an accident there all sorts of costs involved in treatment and recovery. When you are well prepared you will never be taken by surprise to face a calamity.

You can avail many benefits under this plan -

You can get cash benefits for accidental injuries and hospitalization. This is irrespective of your expenses to utilize as you need to.

The eligible age is 18 years to 75 years and can be renewed for life on paid premiums.

You can claim benefits even when you have another policy.

Premium remains the same and does not increase with age.

The coverage is 24/7 and covers the world.

Medical tests are not mandatory nor is there any paper work.

There are absolutely no restrictions on hospitals.

Lifelong premium is offered on the policy.

There is a free look period where you can review the terms and conditions of the policy. You can cancel if you have any objections - after stating your reasons. The premium amount will be returned to you. The premium amount can be enhanced only at the time of renewal - the amount of increase will be according to company guidelines. Policy holders will be informed 3 months in advance in case of any changes or any revision or modification of the policy.

In case of withdrawal of the policy, policy holders will be informed 3 months prior so that they can change to another policy. Changes will be notified to the policyholders 3 months in advance in case of revision /modification in approved product. Likelihood of withdrawal of the product  will be notified to the policy holders 3 months prior to the expiry of the policy and option would be given to migrate to similar Individual Personal Accident  Insurance policy

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