Madhya Pradesh Under the Grip of Dengue Fever

Madhya Pradesh Under the Grip of Dengue Fever
Over two dozen people in Madhya Pradesh are suffering from dengue fever as the potentially fatal disease spread to Indore division after Jabalpur, health officials said.
"While three cases of Dengue were reported from Khargone district in Indore division last week, one Kishanlal of village Moosakhedi admitted to the MY Hospital, Indore, has also been found to be suffering from dengue," a health department official said here.

Kishanlal's two children, who were yet to be tested for dengue, too were suffering from high fever.

Khargone health officials, were, however reluctant to admit the prevalence of dengue in the district.

"Three persons belonging to the district are suspected to be suffering from dengue. Their blood samples have been sent to the National Institute of Virology (NIV), Pune, and anything could be said with authentication only after the detailed report is received," said Khargone chief medical officer B. Bhanke.


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