by Sheela Philomena on  April 26, 2011 at 11:45 AM Lifestyle News
 Mac and PC Users
PC and Mac users have different tastes - not only in computers but also in their general life style. Mac owners tend to be younger, more tech-saavy, more likely to have parties. Meanwhile, PC users are generally older don't speak "computer" as a language, reveals a survey conducted by Hunch.

The study conducted on 388,315 people is aimed at differentiating between a Mac user and a PC user.

The data collected has revealed that PC users will apparently content themselves with french fries from McDonald's, unlike their hummus-munching counterparts who prefer to splurge on bistro-type fries.

PC owners are apparently, "26 pc more likely to prefer fitting in with others." This might suggest a certain lamb-like quality and yet they are also 33 pc more likely than Mac people to say that two random people are more different than alike," reports CBS News.

Further divergence between the two kinds is evident from the fact that PC users favor Rachel Maddow and Jay Leno over Jon Stewart and "60 Minutes."

Perhaps, they are simply not gear heady enough to know how to make the remote control move to a channel not owned by NBC.

Whereas, Mac users are seemingly, 21 percent more likely to believe they are "computer-savvy gear heads."

Source: ANI

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