Lupin in Partnership to Market Locoid Lotion in the US

by Kathy Jones on Sep 24 2013 6:57 PM

 Lupin in Partnership to Market Locoid Lotion in the US
Mumbai-based pharmaceutical company Lupin revealed that it has reached an agreement with US-based Onset Dermatologics through which it will be marketing the skin disease treatment medicine Locoid Lotion in the American market.
The agreement was made between Onset Dermatologics and Lupin’s American subsidiary, Lupin Pharmaceuticals which grants exclusive rights to Lupin for marketing Locoid Lotion, a corticosteroid used in topical treatment of mild to moderate Atopic Dermatitis in patients 3 months of age and older.

Stating that it will help expand the market for Locoid Lotion, Onset Dermatologics President Bob Moccia said, “This partnership will give pediatricians greater opportunity to utilize Locoid lotion in their patients while Onset maintains its focus on promoting Locoid to the dermatology community. We are confident that Locoid will continue to be the most prescribed mid-potency steroid brand in the U.S.”