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Lucy Liu Cringes at Facials
Actress Lucy Liu chooses not to go for facials, as she believes they 'damage the skin'.

The 'Charlie's Angels' star believes in keeping the skin clean and has insisted that drinking plenty of water is the secret to healthy, glowing looks and not spa treatments.

"I drink a lot of water, and I've never had coffee. I think caffeine can be really bad for your skin. And I don't get facials, ever," Contactmusic quoted Liu, as telling InStyle magazine.

"I think they damage your skin. People are getting peels and dermabrasion, and anything with the word 'abrasion' doesn't work for me. I also think a lot of plastic surgery hurts your skin," she added.

But the actress admitted that she indulges in a little acupuncture, for she believes that it keeps a person healthy.

"It's preventative medicine. You go in once a month, and you get a little check-up so you're regulated. It keeps you healthy," Liu said.

"My parents used to get acupuncture. It has been a part of my culture and my life for a long time, and it really, really works.

"It can help you lose weight, it can help your skin stay young - and I've found it helps with jet lag. (Acupuncturists) look at your tongue and will say, 'Alright, you're drinking too much,' or, 'You're emotional, aren't you," she added.

Source: ANI

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