by VR Sreeraman on  October 26, 2009 at 3:22 PM Diabetes News
 Low-Glycemic Foods Made of Yellow Pea Flour can Control Diabetes
A new study has revealed that whole yellow pea flour can be used as an ingredient to produce low-glycemic foods that may help people suffering from diabetes.

During the study, researchers created banana bread, biscotti, and pasta using whole yellow pea flour and analysed the glucose responses before and after eating food products

However, boiled yellow peas and white bread were used as positive and negative controls.

The study showed that whole yellow pea flour banana bread and biscotti reduced glycemic responses more than whole wheat bread.

In addition, whole yellow pea flour biscotti also reduced glycemic responses more than whole-wheat flour biscotti.

"Whole yellow pea flour can be used as a functional ingredient to produce low-glycemic foods," said lead researcher Christopher Marinangeli, MSc RD.

"These findings may be used as a tool for health care practitioners to assist patients in cooking low-glycemic foods that help and prevent and manage type 2 diabetes," Marinangeli added.

The study appears in Journal of Food Science, published by the Institute of Food Technologists.

Source: ANI

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