Love's Skinny Frame Sparks Health Concerns

by VR Sreeraman on Aug 3 2007 7:23 PM

Rocker Courtney Love has alarmed fans with her skeletal figure. The once buxom singer wowed people with her figure when she lost 52 pounds earlier this year, thanks to a strict diet of protein shakes and minimal fish and vegetables.

However, the singer seems to have taken her diet too far, for she's lost even more weight in the past few weeks, given her a gaunt look.

Love had previously denied reports that she had undergone gastric bypass surgery and liposuction, but she recently had fans in New York alarmed when during a free concert she quipped that it was not surgery, but her eating disorder that had made her lose weight.

"[I] had to take care of my eating disorder," the Daily Mail quoted her, as saying.

When this statement sparked concern for her health, Love quickly did an about-turn insisting that she didn't have a disorder, and that she was just joking.

"I don't have an eating disorder," she said.

Love is currently working on a new album titled Nobody's Daughter.