by Kathy Jones on  February 26, 2012 at 9:10 PM News on IT in Healthcare
 Long-Distance Couples can Send Out Good Vibrations Via Steamy App
Apple's App Store has approved a new mobile phone application that lets long-distance couples control the vibration on each other's phones.

The 'Closer ToGetHer' app, which costs 5.49 dollars, has been billed as the perfect romantic aid for long-distance lovers including military couples and frequent travellers.

"Rob and Sara love each other, but work keeps them apart more than they'd like," the Daily telegraph quoted a video advertisement on the Closer ToGetHer website as saying.

"As a result, their sex life isn't great. But now, they can get Closer ToGetHer. Now Sara can feel Rob's touch even when they're apart, as he controls the vibration of her phone.

"Slow, fast, or anywhere in between, Rob and Sara can add a little physicality to their remote romance," it said.

The app's maker told US technology site Mashable that he came up with the idea after starting a long-distance relationship.

Source: ANI

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