by Krishna Bora on  September 20, 2012 at 10:12 AM Lifestyle News
 London's Most Expensive Mansion Worth 300m Pounds!
Britain's most expensive house that belonged to the former residence of the Lebanese Prime Minister, has reportedly gone on sale for 300 million pounds.

The seven-story building, which has 45 bedrooms, is being discreetly offered to a select group of wealthy international buyers.

According to the Telegraph, a reported price tag of 300 million pounds would smash Britain's existing house-price record of 140 million ponds, which was achieved on a 300 year-old house in Henley-on-Thames last year.

The 60,000 square feet house is the former residence of Rafiq Hariri, the late Prime Minister of Lebanon.

The building is rumoured to contain millions of pounds worth of gold leaf decoration, the report said.

The asking price showed just how far adrift the London property market is from the rest of Britain.

According to Halifax, the average house in the UK costs 160,250 pounds, meaning that whoever buys the mansion would be buying the equivalent of 1,872 typical homes.

Source: ANI

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