Liquid Smoking Slammed by Anti Smoking Campaigns

by Hannah Punitha on Oct 29 2008 5:58 PM

Anti-smoking campaigners have come out in protest of nicotine-packed "fag-in-a-can" drink called Liquid Smoking, which has been introduced to beat the smoking ban.

The makers of the "liquid cigarettes", which contains 15pct nicotine, claim it to be a "healthy" alternative.

Agitated anti-smoking groups say that it would glamorise smoking and encourage more people to get hooked to it.

"There's a risk that children and young people could think it's cool. There's a danger it could be a gateway to smoking," the Daily Star quoted Amanda Sandford, research manager of anti-smoking charity ASH, as saying.

"If it contains nicotine there's bound to be the addictive potential. It could perpetuate the use of nicotine and tobacco," she added.

The drink manufactured by Dutch firm United Drinks and Beauty Corporation contains herbal extract that is said to provide "a slight energising effect, followed by a euphoric sense of calm".