Lip Balms Enriched With Superfoods

by Colleen Fleiss on Mar 18 2018 1:35 AM

Lip Balms Enriched With Superfoods
Hydrated, healthy lips can elevate your appearance. Dolly Kumar, founder at Skinella and Bindiya Gupta, beauty expert at Organic Harvest, have given few inputs on use of lip balms infused with superfoods
Blueberries: These contain anti-oxidants that protect from premature ageing.

Grapefruits and mandarins: These are rich in vitamin A and C, minerals and antioxidants and the potassium present in the grapefruit provides a protective shield against UV rays.

Cranberries: This fruit contains a high percentage of vitamin B3, vitamin B5 and antioxidants making it useful in shielding you from any harm caused due to environmental factors.

Brush your lips. Apply a thin layer of a multipurpose organic balm, then use a soft toothbrush to gently scrub the dead skin off. Make sure you're using a new toothbrush for this purpose so you don't scrub toothpaste into your lip's delicate skin or dead skin cells onto your teeth.

Using coconut oil and sugar is a really simple, inexpensive and easy do-it-yourself to exfoliate your lips. Mix together a little organic coconut oil with some granulated sugar then scrub your lips with it. Just rinse it off when you're done and apply a bit of lip balm.

Rose water and glycerine are both said to have various benefits. While rosewater will leave a light pink tint on your lips, the glycerine will take away the dry and dead skin. Combine both these products and apply it to your lips and get rid of all the dead skin and dryness.

Use jojoba oil as it will provide the much-wanted nourishment and moisturising effect. Mix it with brown sugar as it is good for exfoliation. Scrub your lips with this mix and witness the smooth lips that are free from all the dirt and dryness. Massage it in for not more than 3-4 minutes.

Green tea oil is full of goodness and antioxidants that can help calm, reduce redness, reveal radiance that looks healthy and has a glow all year around. It makes for the perfect scrub for this time of the year to help prolong the summer glow. When applied topically, it is an effective treatment for preventing bleeding lips.


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