by Julia Samuel on  February 2, 2016 at 10:54 PM Drug News
LinkSquare, the Smartphone-connected Gadget Checks Authenticity of Pills
Stratio has developed a smartphone-connected gadget called LinkSquare that scans pills and lets the user know if it is fake.

The tiny spectrometer measures the intensity of wavelengths of light. The device can find out what a specific pill's reflective signature is and then compare known pills (data for which is stored in the smartphone app) to see if they match up or not.

"We're hoping people can use this to assuage some of their fears about the things they consume," said, Leslie Grothaus, a Stratio co-founder.

The device looks like a portable smartphone battery and connects to a smartphone via a USB cable. A range of light from LinkSquare shines onto the pill and the way in which the light reflects back across the pill is captured by an image sensor to spot whether it is fake or not.

The company plans to bring the device to the market later this year for $199 though there are still a number of challenges to be worked out such as building a database of medications that LinkSquare will be able to detect.

Source: Medindia

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