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Lindsay's Rehab Stint Helped Her to Reunite With Dad
Actress Lindsay Lohan has come closer to dad Michael Lohan after completing her stint in rehab.

Lindsay has revealed that it was "really good for her" to see her father after a long time.

"We hadn't connected in 3 years," New York Daily News quoted Lindsay Lohan, as saying.

Michael Lohan told The News' Patricia Towle that he bought his daughter a three-band diamond ring as a tribute for her stint in rehab and their reunion.

Michael also introduced his daughter to his girlfriend, Erin, and said that the two women gelled very well.

"She and Lindsay bonded immediately. They just clicked, and now are best friends," Michael said.

Lohan, who recently completed 10 weeks in rehab at the Cirque Lodge in Utah, meanwhile shared her experiences in the Centre.

"It was hard surrendering and having people tell me what to do," Lindsay told In Touch magazine.

"It was really humbling for me, but I liked how I was treated as a normal person."

That included being given her share of chores at the Cirque Lodge in Utah. "I kept the common areas clean. I liked making coffee for the gym the best," she added.

The 21-year-old star also revealed her post-rehab plans.

She said that she will start working on the film "Dare to Love Me" and will make a humanitarian trip "to Africa in the second week in December."

"I'm working with the American Red Cross, but it is not finalized yet," she added.

Source: ANI

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