Lindsay Lohan's Lifestyle in Rehab!

by VR Sreeraman on Aug 11 2007 2:40 PM

Lindsay Lohan might be a big celebrity, but it seems she is not being treated like one in rehab. Lohan, who is at the Cirque Lodge drug and alcohol rehab in Sundance, Utah, after being arrested for her second DUI last month, is said to be doing hard labour, which includes cleaning her own toilet.

The 21-year-old actress/singer is also supposed to wash dishes and do laundry as a part of her daily routine.

It has been reported that Lindsay, who is reportedly not given any special celeb treatment, has been very cooperative.

However, stressing on the special privileges given to Lohan, Jane.P, an ex-resident who left the rehab facility on August 7, claims that the actress’ stay has caused mass disruption and limited other patient's privileges due to security concerns.

"Things became tenser amongst the staff ... a lot of havoc was going on ... so things changed. Our computer privileges were taken away and our phone privileges were reduced,” The Sun quoted Jane, as saying.

"There is a games room with a pool table a ping pong table and games but there was no body there to supervise,” she added.

Jane also revealed that Lindsay is receiving a higher standard of treatment than her peers at Cirque Lodge.

"She came down privately in one of the lodges Humvee's, when most the residents were brought down in a bus,” she said. "They were told they would have to go back to whatever room they were in whilst she toured the facility and she was escorted to a private room,” she added.

Lindsay's daily routine at the Cirque Lodge drug and alcohol rehab:

6am: All patients are woken up.
6.30am: A river hike followed by meditation.
8:00am: Breakfast.
8.30am: Cleaning duties, including cleaning their rooms and her toilets.
9am and 9.30am: Group meetings to discuss the day.
10am: The patients are given an awareness talk.
1pm-4pm: Patients take part in compulsory activities including horseback riding or gardening.