by VR Sreeraman on  September 30, 2007 at 2:09 PM Women Health News
Life is More Dreadful for Women in Their 30s
If there is one decade in their lives that women really dread, it would be their 30s, for that's when the demands of a career, motherhood and running a home is in full force.

And, the pressure is taking such a toll on the fairer sex, that most women believe this is their "hardest decade", a study has found.

According to the research, their 30s is the time when most women admit to feeling stressed, missing sleep and skipping meals.

"When 30-something women say they are 'tired and stressed out of their minds', they probably are," the Daily Mail quoted chief researcher Marina Crook, as saying.

"Tiredness and stress are the ailments of our age and combined with a poor diet they cause low immunity and ill health."

The researchers also found that this exhaustion doesn't let up when women reach their 40s, especially for those who have delayed motherhood.

According to the study by Top Sante magazine, the pressure is taking a toll on women's health.

About 85 per cent of those polled said they "frequently feel tired".

Source: ANI

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