Least Erotic Body Part Revealed by Scientists

by Sheela Philomena on Sep 9 2013 7:04 PM

 Least Erotic Body Part Revealed by Scientists
Neuroscientists have described feet as the least appealing part of our anatomy.
A joint study, conducted by Bangor University, Britain, and the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, found that feet were the lowest ranked of all 41 body parts in terms of sexual attractiveness, closely followed by kneecaps, the Daily Mail reported.

The results, debunking the general belief that feet have a sensual connection to the genitals, were published in neuroscientific journal Cortex and a number of newspapers, including the Observer.

Other findings included a male penchant for the back side of legs (although women were less impressed) and also the hands - another body part that left the female sex drive unmoved.

"A lot of people assume that women's bodies are just full of erogenous zones and that men only have one - the obvious one," said Oliver Turnbull, from Bangor University's School of Psychology.

According to scientists, the results, which were collated from questioning 800 people in Britain and South Africa, were also remarkably consistent and held true regardless of race, gender and sexual orientation.

The most popular body part was, inevitably, the genitals, followed by lips, ears, inner thighs, and the shoulder blades.

"We have discovered from this that we all share the same erogenous zones in at least two very different continents, whether we are a white middle-aged woman sitting in a London office or a gay man living in a village in Africa," Turnbull added.