by Tanya Thomas on  October 24, 2011 at 11:12 PM General Health News
 Ladies: Get Rid of That Facial Hair With Revolutionary Ultrasound
A revolutionary new form of hair removal technology has been developed in Israel to provide a solution to facial hair in women, and also promises to overcome most of the shortcomings of the laser technique.

Distributed under the brand name Applisonix, the treatment uses ultrasound, which is delivered through a tweezer-like device.

The ultrasound waves travel through each hair right down to the root, where they are converted into heat energy and destroy the hair, so that it falls out instantly and the waves damage the follicle so hair cannot re-grow.

Katherine Jackson, a facialist from West London is one of the first people in the UK to use the technology and found the results of the technology to be fantastic.

"I've been using it for about a year," the Daily Mail quoted Jackson as saying.

"And the results have been fantastic. There was a huge demand for something that would tackle pale hairs. And, unlike laser treatment, you don't have to stay out of the sun, or wear sunblock afterwards," she stated.

Although the technology has solved the problem of hair removal for white women, it also has drawbacks, as with electrolysis, only one hair can be tackled at a time, making it unsuitable for large areas, and only hairs long enough to be grasped by tweezers can be treated, with multiple treatments needed.

Source: ANI

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