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 Kolkatans Turn to Salsa Dance to Beat Stress, Anxiety
The lively Salsa dance is becoming popular among youngsters in metropolitan cities of India.

For businessman Arvind Agrawal in Kolkata, Salsa is helping him to overcome his stress and other anxieties.

At 38, he is the oldest participant in a workshop he is attending but vouches by Salsa to dance away his blues and also contends that he has been feeling younger ever since he learnt the initial steps of Salsa.

After a long day, Arvind doesn't mind jiving along with much younger people.

"I joined Salsa on an impulse and I really like it. It's a great workout. And after a full day's work you think you've done so many great things. So there is a whole inspiration thing of becoming better," said Agrawal.

Salsa is the latest passion among the executives in big cities.

"Salsa has a lot of benefits. It's a very good form of exercise. It's a good way to lose weight and strengthen the muscles. The best part of Salsa is that it is a lot of fun so you always look forward to the class and you always look forward to dancing," said Aditya Upadhyay, an instructor of Salsa, Kolkata.

Over the last three years, at least five Salsa centres have sprung up in New Delhi alone.

Instructors are invited from all over the world to brush up the dancing traits among the students.

Alex, a Cuban-American has been in India for over four months giving dancing tips to Delhiites.

"The steps come pretty natural to them because they are already used to dancing, so in that sense I think India can be a really big success when it comes to Salsa," said Alex D'iaz.

Salsa enthusiasts launched the Indian edition of the International Salsa Congress recently.

It will host an annual event in which as many as 30 international Salsa experts will participate.

During the week-long contest, Salsa parties will be organised across the country to choose an all India Salsa champion.

Source: ANI

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