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 Know the Side Effects of Boob Jobs from Laurenís Story
A twenty-five-year old woman who coughed up close to £4,000 on a boob job spoke about her utter disappointment when the implant just dropped out off her chest.

Lauren Yardley got her breast enhanced from an A cup to a DD so that she would look more like a girl. Just two months post her surgery, she felt her right breast bigger than her left, it also felt a bit hard and uncomfortable. Experts said that her body had rejected the implant and they performed the surgery again.

Two months after the 2nd surgery, the tissue around the implant tightened and pushed the pad out of Lauren's body through the stitches underneath her breast. Now, doctors could not perform another surgery to reinsert the implant as her body needed more time to heal. This meant she had to live with one small and one big breast for six months. This was the most traumatizing phase in her life when she had to live with two differently sized breasts. She underwent another surgery after six months to fix the implant.

She has cautioned other women to be careful about possible side effects of the op, saying: "I couldn't believe it when the implant started coming out of my breast. The doctors at the hospital said they had never seen anything like it ó they couldn't believe I was not in septic shock. I feel very lucky ó it could have been a lot worse. The most horrific thing was having only one breast for seven months. It was horrible. I felt really confident after having my implants, but I lost it all again when I was left with an uneven chest."

What happened in Laureen's case was capsular contracture, where the body creates a capsule of fibrous scar issue about the breast implant during the healing time. This is a natural reaction which happens when any foreign object is implanted surgically into the body. This scar tissue should shrink over time and how long it takes to shrink depends upon each person - which means it can differ from person to person.

In certain rare cases, the capsule can tighten and squeeze the implant, making the breast harden up and also eject the implant out of the body.

Most healthcare experts do not keep the patients informed about side effects of breast enhancement surgeries, and this case should educate readers about what can also go wrong with such procedures.

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