Knife Blade Stuck in Man�s Cranium for More Than 4years

by Dr. Trupti Shirole on Feb 17 2011 11:25 PM

 Knife Blade Stuck in Man�s Cranium for More Than 4years
A 37-year old man, Li Fu from Yunnan Province, China, who went to the doctor complaining about his recurrent migraines was shocked to discover that he had a 4inch knife blade stuck in his cranium for more than 4 years. In 2006, this man who is a taxi driver was robbed and stabbed with a knife. The knife the crooks used snapped at the handle and the blade got lodged between his skull and ear.
Although he had received treatment for his injuries, doctors failed to notice this knife. Doctors realized this after a routine X-ray last month when Li had visited the hospital complaining of severe headache.

Li and his family members were so shocked by the X-ray reports that they asked for a second opinion before agreeing to undergo the surgery to remove the knife. A spokesman for the People's Hospital of Yuxi, where Mr. Li has been operated, said, "He came to us with a long history of severe head pain and unexplained bleeding from his ears and mouth. As soon as we scanned him it was obvious what was wrong. What is astonishing is that it was missed four years ago and that he has survived all this time with it in his head. We've seen needles and small objects buried in a skull but never something this size." Li is now in a stable condition.