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 Kids' Chores Occupy a Third of Walking Lives of Busy Moms
A new study has said that hardworking mothers devote almost a third of their walking lives running around their children carrying out chores for them.

According to a detailed study into the lives of 2,000 mothers commissioned by online shopping service 'milk and more', the researchers found that the lady of the house can expect to put in around 27,250 hours in their lifetime shopping, cooking and carrying out chores.

This would sum up to a staggering 1,135 days of their lives, which is solely devoted to bringing up children.

"Everyone knows that mums are the backbone of the family unit," the Daily Mail quoted Andrew Kendall, spokesman for 'milk and more' as saying.

"But seeing just how long they spend running around after their families puts things in to perspective.

"If mums got some help with just the cooking, they would have nearly four additional hours a week to spend time having fun with their children.

"With most mums working as well it's important that they have flexibility in their lives.

"Spending nearly half a year of your life just doing essential food shopping isn't exactly fun," he said.

The study also revealed that other time taking activities in a mother's life were shopping, cooking, baking and preparing breakfasts and lunches and cleaning.

The top time taking activities were:

Food shopping - 4,155 hours 49 minutes

Cooking - 3,603 hours 36 minutes

Tidying - 2,620 hours 48 minutes

Washing - 2,442 hours 57 minutes

Washing up - 2,180 hours and 42 minutes

Source: ANI

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