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 Kidney Stones Risk Linked to Iced Tea
Experts are warning that drinking excess iced tea may lead to development of kidney stones.

Dr. John Milner, a urology expert at Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine, has revealed that iced tea contains high concentrations of oxalate, a chemical that leads to the formation of kidney stones.

"For many people, iced tea is potentially one of the worst things they can drink. For people who have a tendency to form kidney stones, it's definitely one of the worst things you can drink," he says.

He highlights the fact that the most common cause of kidney stones is the failure to drink enough fluids.

According to him, people are generally more dehydrated during the summer due to sweating, and increasing ice tea consumption in such a situation may raise the risk of kidney stones, especially in people who are prone to develop them.

"People are told that in the summertime they should drink more fluids. A lot of people choose to drink more iced tea, thinking it's a tastier alternative. However, in terms of kidney stones, they're getting it going and coming. They're actually doing themselves a disservice," he says.

Dr. Milner insists that there is not better alternative than water to quench thirst, and to properly hydrate.

He suggests that people try flavouring water with lemon slices because lemonade helps ward off kidney stones.

"Lemons are very high in citrates, which inhibit the growth of kidney stones. Lemonade, not the powdered variety that uses artificial flavoring, actually slows the development of kidney stones for those who are prone to the development of kidney stones," he says.

Dr. Milner also recommended people concerned about developing kidney stones to cut back on eating foods that also contain high concentrations of oxalates-such as spinach, chocolate, rhubarb and nuts.

He says that such people should easy up on salt, eat meat sparingly, and drink several glasses of water a day.

Source: ANI

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