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Kenya's Opinion Poll Reveals About Mens' Preferences for Their Dream Woman
A Kenyan woman's best chances of marrying depend on her having education but not too much money, and being well-built, an opinion poll disclosed Saturday shows.

The poll indicates that a Kenyan man's ideal marriage partner has a "brown complexion, is of medium build, works part time and has no children," the Nation newspaper reported Saturday.

"Most Kenyan men also want their ideal woman younger than them, shorter than them and earning less money than what they make," the Nation added in a report on the poll that sampled 1,200 single, separated and divorced men, as well as some married or living with a partner.

"Kenyan men also prefer a woman who has the same level of education as they do and expect to share domestic chores equally with them," the Nation reported in the front page story.

Of the men polled, 50 percent want a woman who earns, but less, 45 percent prefer one with the same level of education, 47 percent want one who is chocolate brown, 41 percent a woman who is five years younger and 50 percent are after those who work part-time.

"Pencil-thin women are the least popular with Kenyan men, with only two percent of of those polled saying they prefer them, and big, and well rounded ones winning the hearts of 22 percent," the report said.

"Few men prefer a woman with few children (three percent) and even fewer (two percent) would like her if she has three or more. Only nine percent of the men prefer with more education than them ... 45 percent would like someone they are at par."

The findings also indicated that younger men were more open-minded.

"Those between 18 and 25 find strong independent Kenyan women very attractive and a good match for them while those who are over 35 see the same women as too intimidating and too much trouble," the Nation said.

Source: AFP

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