by Shirley Johanna on  October 8, 2015 at 4:33 PM Indian Health News
Karnataka may Remove Ban on Nestle’s Maggi: Health Minister
Nestle's Maggi may soon be available in Karnataka. The State government is revoking the ban on Maggi sales, as lead and mono sodium glutamate (MSG) was not found in the Maggi samples tested in the state, said Health Minister U T Khader.

"We are thinking on lifting the ban of Maggi sales, as there is no clarity on when the ban was imposed. We followed what the central government said and we tested the Maggi samples in the labs accredited by National Accreditation of Board for testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL). The results said that the lead content was within permissible limits. We tested the same sample in a lab in Kolkata, and the lead content 2.6 particles per million. We don't know which lab results to believe. How would the same sample differ in the content when tested in two different places," said Khader.

In the first week of June an NABL accredited lab in Nagarabhavi in South Bengaluru had tested the Maggi sample and the lead present was 0.05 particles per million whereas the acceptable limit is 2.5 ppm. "In the last four months, we have the ban but without much clarity. We may lift the ban. If the central government questions our stand we shall reply that the center to provide scientific evidence for the same," said Khader.

Source: Medindia

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