by Savitha C Muppala on  July 2, 2010 at 2:02 PM General Health News
 Karachi Bodybuilders Opt for Cow, Buffalo-steroids to Build 'Extra Muscles'
Supplements containing anabolic steroids, the type administered to cows and buffaloes, are being consumed by aspiring body builders in Karachi, in the hope of building 'extra muscles', may cause more harm than good.

Apart from imported bodybuilding steroids, many also purchase unlabelled and substandard products.

"Most of the bodybuilding clubs in the city provide these steroids to the trainees that are brought from Lahore and Gujranwala" the Daily Times quoted Rashid, a bodybuilder, as saying.

"These steroids are mostly those given to horses competing in races and to buffaloes and cows to increase milk production," he added.

Rashid also said an aspiring bodybuilder named Jahangir had recently died after using such steroids.

Malik, a 46-year-old drug dealer at the medicine market in Kachi Gali near Napier Road sells a large variety of bodybuilding supplements, the prices of which range between Rs 500 and 5,000.

However, he denies that he sells supplements containing anabolic steroids."The supplements at my shop are imported from the USA and do not harm the human body... they are just food supplements and bodybuilders can use them instead of having meat, eggs, fruits and beans etc... they save time and help in weight control as well," said Malik.

On the other hand, Amir, an instructor at a bodybuilding club near Sabzi Mandi has no uncertainties about using steroids.

He said, "A good body is a product of good diet, supplements, exercise and proper rest."

He said anabolic steroids are available at drug stores at Kachi Gali and other areas, but sold undercover.

Source: ANI

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