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 Journey of Jemma Kidd Through The Worst Phase of Her Life
How many of us can believe that Jemma Kidd, who is in an enviable position today, and has everything a woman would want, was actually battling severe anxiety disorder in her 20s ?

She spoke about this 'difficult' time in her life during an interview with Fiona Shield for Celebrity Angels. She spoke about the debilitating nature of anxiety disorder, and how it made her day-to-day existence difficult.

Her revelation may bring hope and relief to victims of Anxiety disorder. Nearly 20% of American adults are known to be suffering from some form of anxiety disorder.

"The attacks are so random and debilitating that you become fearful of the fear that they bring. You start to anticipate them and find yourself doing anything to avoid them. I stopped driving on my own; I manipulated my life so that when I had to go somewhere, I had someone with me. I couldn't go into the supermarket or anywhere crowded. If I was going to stay at someone's house for the weekend, I would be anxious for about ten days before and would insist on knowing how close they lived to a hospital. The symptoms were so real that I believed I could have a heart attack at any time." Jemma said during her interview.

Having suffered enough, she came across Charles Linden's website from which she read valuable tips to control and manage anxiety.

Charles Linden, was himself a victim of panic attacks, which is a common type of anxiety disorder. He was at one time having up to 20 panic attacks a day. Linden studied the accounts of patients who had recovered from panic attacks and developed his own strategies to break the pattern of anxiety.

Though there are no quick fixes, Linden suggests trying the following tips to help divert panic attacks:

The dive reflex: When one senses a panic attack, Linden suggests that victims take a towel, soak it in cold water and place it on the back of the neck. Alternatively, cold water splash on the face also helps.

Diversion: Any strategy to divert the mind helps. Listening to music, stepping out, doing chores also helps.

Cold Apple: Biting into a cold apple and eating it slowly helps slow down breathing and the coldness of the apple lowers anxiety.

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