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Johnny Blames Messy Lifestyle for His Split With Kirsten Dunst
'Razorlight' frontman Johnny Borrell has revealed that his messy, late-night lifestyle was the cause of his sudden break-up with actress Kirsten Dunst last month.

He said that the 'Spiderman' actress shunted him out of her pristine North London pad because she could not bear the smell of stale fags and kebabs he used to spread in her living room.

'We were leading different lifestyles. It's over. She believes in equality, that a bloke should chip in with the housework. Fair enough, but I'm messy, and I love messing around with bikes,' the Mirror quoted him as saying.

'She couldn't stand the smell of stale fags, beer and kebabs in her nice living room. Can't say I blame her, really,' he added.

The couple reportedly moved in together in July after a wall in Johnny's flat in Camden, North London, collapsed.

However, putting up with Johnny's habits became really very difficult for Kirsten.

'I have been incredibly busy recording our latest album and I'd be rolling in at all hours, when she'd be getting up to go on set filming How To Lose Friends & Alienate People. I'm very much a night owl, and she's up with the lark. She's a really cool girl and she loves London and Britain. It was just one of those things,' Johnny said.

The rocker has made it clear that he is too busy at the moment to look for a new love.

'My focus now is on breaking America. So there's not really time for a love life. There was no one else involved. Besides, we've been performing at festivals and touring non-stop and barely have time to think, let alone go out on a date,' he said.

Source: ANI

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