by Sheela Philomena on  August 30, 2012 at 10:21 AM Lifestyle News
 Jayden, Isabella: New York's Top Baby Names
Jayden and Isabella topped the US most popular baby names again this year.

Next in the rankings for newborns in the city in 2011 were Jacob and Ethan for boys, and Sophia and Olivia for girls.

The Department of Health said birth certificates show more than 600 Isabellas and 800 Jaydens saw the light of day.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, never slow to tout his administration's achievements, said health initiatives were responsible for ensuring that the life expectancy for New Yorkers is 2.5 years longer than the US average.

"This means we can expect to see many of the very popularly named Isabellas and Jaydens -- like these two little ones with us today -- more than 80 years from now," he said at a news conference attended by infants with the favored first names.

Government statistics show 123,029 babies were born in 2011, with slightly more boys than girls. That was a 1.4 percent drop in births from 2010.

Source: AFP

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