Jaw Bone to the Aid of Mobile Phone Users

Jaw Bone to the Aid of Mobile Phone Users
South Korean mobile giant Pantech has launched a new cell phone that allows a user to listen to calls with the aid of the jawbone.
When the Pantech A1407PT cell phone is placed against the jaw, the mechanical vibration from the phone is conducted to the inner ear, which responds normally.

The result: the user hears the other person on the phone perfectly.

Engineers at Pantech say a phone that uses bone conduction provides additional advantage to the user.

As the sound is conducted directly to the inner ear, it becomes easier to hear conversation in a noisy room, they say.

According to a Live Science report, engineers are only one step away from developing a truly futuristic phone, which can be attached directly to the skull behind the ear, under the skin – as suggested by science fiction writer Robert Heinlein in his 1951 novel, ‘The Puppet Masters’.


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