Japan's Fashionvilla Turning to 'head Shrinking" Belts

by Tanya Thomas on Oct 4 2008 7:11 PM

Out of all those keeping up with fashion changes, the Japanese seem to be doing it the best. Now, they are turning to cosmetic belts to shrink their heads!

The five-pound belt can be worn around the head while sleeping.

The makers of the "Small Face Make Belt", called as the Kogao Meiku Beruto, claim that it will help in shrinking the size of the heads over time.

Meanwhile, the men have also opted to go for a shrinking change and have been buying a gadget to make their mouths smaller.

The machine, which costs 4 pounds and is called a Tex Mex Slim Mouth, looks like an extendable gum shield.

The machine is said to train mouth muscles if used for three minutes a day.

The craze for the wacky gizmos is sweeping Japan, and it was noticed by the international trend-spotting firm Cscout, which highlighted the inventions.

"The Japanese have a very clear idea of how they want their faces to look," the Sun quoted CScout boss Michael Keferl as saying.