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Japanese Students Share Their Anxiety on Recent Tsunami
At a recent art exhibition in Puri, a group of students from Tokyo's Keio University shared their grief on the recent tsunami and earthquake that shook and devastated Japan.

The exhibition has showcased the creative and captive traits of students and teachers of Keio University, depicting the various facets of Japanese art and culture.

The Japanese students were very much distressed about the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan on March 11, and voiced their feelings.

Nao Saha Mo, a teacher at the Keio University, said that humans are powerless in front of Mother Nature's might in such situations.

"Yesterday, I could not contact my family or my friends. Then I was very sad and worried. But now I can contact them all, but still many people have died already. If your countrymen get hurt then you feel it. So we are also sad, be it our country or anywhere in the world if something bad happens. But sometimes these things happen," Saha Mo added.

He also said that they highly appreciated the words of sympathy and warmth extended by the Indians in this moment of distress.

Seya Kensuke, a student, said that it was a very distressing time for them as they were away from their country in such an hour of crisis.

"It's a big disaster. I think it's very terrible and very sad. I'm not in Japan right now so I still can't believe what's going on and what's happening. It's very shocking," Kensuke added.

The total number of dead in the affected areas is expected to rise. Initial media reports say it is likely to exceed 1,800 but the final total could be significantly higher.

The earthquake was the fifth most powerful to hit the world in the past century. It surpassed the Great Kanto quake of September. 1, 1923, which had a magnitude of 7.9 and killed more than 140,000 people in the Tokyo area.

Source: ANI

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