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 Jammu Doctors Devise Advanced Treatment Techniques to Help Treat Pancreatic Tumors
Researchers at Sher-I-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences Soura, Srinagar (SKIMSA) have designed an advanced treatment that can provide major relief to patients suffering from pancreatic tumors.

Director of SKIMSA, Dr. Showkat Ali Zargar on disclosed here today that with the new advanced treatment the time of the operation has reduced. When the time limit is reduced reduces in a particular surgery, automatically the complications are less, as the blood loss is very less and the patients will be hospitalized for shorter period.

Dr Zargar has been performing this surgery since 4-5 years and has got a vast experience and knowledge about it. With this advanced surgery, the death rate has been reduced and it has benefited the people to a great extent.

With the aim to minimize rate of mortality senior doctors have come up with Superior Approach Technique (SAT) for the treatment of periampullary and pancreatic head tumors which claims hundreds of lives in the valley each year.

The exclusive surgery is being considered one of the rarest techniques developed out of indigenous expertise and efficiency to treat patients with pancreatic tumor.

Head of the department surgical gastroenterology, Dr. Omar Javed Shah said that the technique would help change lives of hundreds of patients who cannot travel abroad for treatment.

"We have been able to help poor community, majority of the people, who cannot go outside (abroad) . We have designed new treatments, new techniques, which have been accepted worldwide, ' said Shah.

Introduced by SKIMS specialists, SAT is simple in use and has significantly reduced blood loss, operative time and mortality rate.

Traditionally pancreatic tumors are treated with conventional surgical technique, called 'Classical Whipple's method' which is difficult and associated with high morbidity and mortality besides being a time consuming procedure.

Reported incidences of pancreatic cancer has risen gradually over the years and Pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of death among both men and women, comprising six percent of all cancer-related deaths.

Source: ANI

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