Jail Authorities Appalled Over Inmates Developing Heart Ailments

by Medindia Content Team on Nov 23 2007 7:30 PM

Officials at a Coimbatore Jail are startled after learning during a health check up that most of their inmates have heart and stress ailments.

The matter came to light after an inmate die of heart problem, making the jail authorities and the District administration to conduct a cardiac check-up of all the prisoners. Majority of the prisoners at the Coimbatore Central Jail are serving their life sentences.

According to the District Collector, Dr. Neeraj Mittal over 2,300 inmates were screened by a team of 20 specialists and other doctors.

"The focus of the check-up with which we are screening almost the 2,300 prisoners, both male and female, is proper treatment for the sick and the ailing. We are screening disease like diabetes, blood pressure, heart trouble, skin disease, neuro disease and many more. The specialist doctors have been called for detailed treatment," said Dr. Neeraj Mittal, District Collector, Coimbatore.

It was for the first time in past 25 years such a medical camp to check heart disease and other chronic ailments was organised at this jail.

On their part, the prisoners felt happy at this camp since they were diagnosed in detail and remedial treatment prescribed.

"I am a life convict and have completed five years imprisonment for my crime and every day my heath condition seems to have worsened. I was suffering from serious constipation and stress. This kind of camp has been very much useful for all the inmates. We want the District Collector to conduct such camps frequently," said Vijayshankar, s life term prisoner, Coimbatore Central Jail.

"I was convicted in a murder case and have completed six years of sentence and have the feeling of stress which shoots up my blood pressure. I attended many small health camps inside the prison but this kind of medical camps helps us to make our mind stress free," said Duraipandi, another life term inmate.

Among the persons lodged in the Coimbatore Central Jail, a good number of them are reportedly well-qualified in academics. Some of them hold degrees like Masters of Business Administration, Master of Science, Master of Arts and others.