Jade Goody's Pap Smear Tests Had Wrongly Given Her the "all-clear Signal"

by Tanya Thomas on Aug 28 2008 10:03 AM

 Jade Goody
In a strange twist to fate, Big Brother star Jade Goody's pap smear tests (used for early detection of cervical cancer) had wrongly given her the “all-clear signal” just 3 weeks before her diagnosis. Though it is constantly emphasized that such tests are fundamental for cancer detection, Jade Goody’s story comes as a rude shock that this system isn’t infallible.
The reality TV star was given the all-clear by medics, despite collapsing three weeks ago, and undergoing four tests to examine pre-cancerous cells, reports the Mirror.

Now, a large cancerous tumor in her womb has been spotted and the disease may have spread.

She faces a hysterectomy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy and fears she may not live to see her two sons grow up.

The Harley Street consultant treating mum-of-two Goody has confirmed her patient's condition is severe.


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