by Savitha C Muppala on  July 8, 2010 at 7:31 PM Women Health News
 It may Not be Required to Take Vitamins During Pregnancy, Says Expert
A nutrition expert has said that it may not be required for pregnant women to take vitamins as they are not of much help.

Professor Maria Makrides said there was little scientific proof to support that taking iron or iodine supplements during or ahead of pregnancy.

"A lot of that messaging is increasingly coming from industry," Makrides, Professor of Human Nutrition, at the University of Adelaide said.

"When studies have been done where women take iron supplements it does not change the outcome of their pregnancy, or the development of the child, and it may even be related to an increase in behavioural problems.

"And with iodine we just don't have the information," Makrides added.

Makrides said that pregnant woman recording low levels of iron was very common but this could be a temporary adaption rather than a true iron deficiency' as normal levels usually returned post-birth, reports The Daily Telegraph.

She also said that women would stay healthier having a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, along with protein.

Source: ANI

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