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It Is An ‘Eggy’ Affair
The Indian market is all set to receive a South Korean company's 'eggy' treats. Priced at Rs.50/- for two, the menu is exotic.

"We extract the essence of products like mushroom and ginger and inject it without breaking the shell of the egg. Then we roast it for 48 hours at a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius," said Park SangJune, the trade department manager of Egg Farms Co. Ltd of South Korea.

"The best part is people can keep these roasted eggs for 60 days. They can take it as part of breakfast, lunch, dinner and even carry it with them while travelling," Park told IANS here.

"India is a huge market and the purchasing power of people is growing fast. We are planning to export our herbal eggs to India and our target is the top 10 percent of India's population."

Park was in Delhi to showcase the herbal eggs at the ongoing India International Trade Fair (IITF) and said he was reasonably satisfied with the response so far.

"We are selling a two-egg pack for Rs.50 at the fair to get public response but finally the export price (for India) will be $1. We have interacted with nearly 30 interested people and are exploring the possibility of getting efficient agents," he said.

According to the visiting delegation, these herbal eggs are completely free of infection and have secured quality certification from the US-based Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

A delegate said the company was already exporting herbal eggs to the US and Japan. However, company officials clarified that since the price of the eggs was "high", they would like to target upper class consumers.

"We want them to be made available at five-star hotels, plush localities and mainly urban set-ups. They may be made available on board aeroplanes and at high-end retail outlets.

"The price is not for the masses and hence we will not like our product to be made available at all market places. This may degrade the value of the product," Park explained.

Source: IANS

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