by Savitha C Muppala on  August 8, 2010 at 10:44 AM General Health News
 IPod Users Must Take Care to Avoid Listening to Music While Driving
A word of caution for iPod users to avoid listening to music while driving.

Motorists who use their iPod while driving could be moving towards 'iPod oblivion', according to The Automobile Association (AA).

And not just drivers, the pedestrians and joggers are also at risk as they turn into a zombie-like state while using their mobiles or iPods when on the move.

Various incidents have been reported where drivers have crashed their cars on road railings on highways and also dangerously pacing up and down while using a mobile phone.

There has been a big rise in number of pedestrians who are more focused on their phones than on the hazards of the road.ome people even check their emails are they move between passing cars.edestrian inattention could be the cause of 17 collisions a day, with crashes of this kind increasing 5 percent in the past year.

"We can't stop the march of technology but we need to halt the iPod pedestrian, cycle and driver zombies," Sky News quoted AA president Edmund King as saying.

"Whether on two feet, two wheels or four, too many people are suffering from so-called iPod oblivion. When on the move, our brains have much to take in and using technological gadgets means that our brains can't always concentrate on so many things at once," added King.

"This is when we walk into traffic, don't hear the truck, or drive cocooned from the outside world," he further said.

Source: ANI

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