by Hannah Punitha on  August 14, 2008 at 2:21 PM Lifestyle News
 Intimate Moments With Your Sweetheart is the Key to Perk Up Your Love Life
Want to perk up your love life? Well, then try and take out time to share some intimate moments with your sweetheart, suggests a new study.

The study has cited that the level of intimacy people perceived within a relationship in any given week significantly predicted perceptions of relational uncertainty and interference from a partner.

Relational Uncertainty refers to people's lack of confidence in their perceptions of relationship involvement.

In the study, the researchers took into account links between intimacy and relational uncertainty.

Denise Haunani Solomon of Pennsylvania State University and Jennifer A. Theiss of Rutgers University conducted a web-based survey to 315 unmarried college students about their relationship weekly for six weeks.

The data revealed the highest levels of relational uncertainty when intimacy was low.

They found that fluctuations in perceptions of relationships are meaningful aspects of non-marital romantic relationships.

"Our results suggest that when intimacy ebbs, doubts about the relationship emerge. Making emerging adults aware of how romantic associations inevitably pose a threat to a person's subjective well-being might help them to form more realistic romantic relationship goals," said the authors.

The study was published in the journal Personal Relationships.

Source: ANI

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