by Savitha C Muppala on  August 30, 2010 at 1:24 PM General Health News
 Internet Makes Tweens Happy
Tweens love to spend time on the internet, and it boosts their happiness quotient,new research has shown.

The Tween Tracker survey showed that almost half of the 1200 children interviewed have Facebook profiles.

Social media expert Laurel Papworth describes Facebook as the online equivalent of a "keep out, I mean it!" sign on the bedroom door.

"Managing how they connect is a better option than saying 'don't connect at all'," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted her as saying.

The study also revealed that Internet was a source of a lot of things apart from entertainment - environment, disease, poverty and terrorism were common concerns amongst Internet-savvy tweens.

"These kids seem less depressed. Perhaps rather than being preached at how bad the world is, they see more people changing it . . . a chorus of voices speaking out, rather than just the bad news in passive mode," Papworth said.

Lola Spence, 7, and Sinead Leahy, 8, said they used it every day and spent up to two hours a day playing computer games and using social networking sites like Habbo.

Despite the high importance of socialising online, most tweens still prefer to read books and magazines than surf the web.

Source: ANI

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