InSound Launches Hearing Aid in Britain

by Kathy Jones on May 14 2011 7:39 PM

 InSound Launches Hearing Aid in Britain
InSound Medical has launched its new hearing aid in Britain that is being touted as the first "invisible" hearing aid due to the fact that the machine is pushed deep into the ear canal.
Known as the Lyric, the hearing aid is just 16mm long and can be worn for four months without any need to recharge the batteries. With the hearing aid being pushed so deep in the ear canal, just 4mm from the ear drum, the user is more likely to forget after some time that he is wearing a machine.

A major drawback for the Lyric is its expensive price with the hearing aid available only on a subscription basis at over £100 per month.

Commenting before the launch of the machine in Britain, a company spokesman said, "Users need to visit their audiologist once every three to four months, whereupon Lyric is replaced with a new device. It is placed in the ear canal by a specially trained hearing aid audiologist, with no surgery or anaesthesia."