Infant Weighing the Same as a Chocolate Bar Survives!

by Bidita Debnath on Jan 13 2018 11:59 PM

Infant Weighing the Same as a Chocolate Bar Survives!
Defying all the odds, a newborn weighing just 400 gm or less than a chocolate bar survived after she was born 12 weeks early in a hospital in Rajasthan's Udaipur city.
Manushi was born on June 15, 2017, measuring just 8.6 inches long and her foot was the size of her father's thumb.

Neonatologist Sunil Janged, who led a team of doctors and nursing staff for ensuring the girl’s incredible survival, claimed that she was the smallest newborn baby to survive in India and South Asia. The last reported such survival was a baby, Rajni, weighing 450 g, at Mohali in 2012.

The cause of the child’s unnaturally low body weight was the complications her mother Seeta, 48, went through at the time of the delivery. According to reports, the mother was suffering from high blood pressure during the time of pregnancy.

Ultrasound results showed that the blood flow to the embryo was cut off, which interfered with the foetal development. The doctors then performed an emergency C-section and saved the baby in the nick of time.

Although Manushi is presently out of danger and hoping to have a normal future ahead, the road to survival was not a smooth one for Manushi, as even the doctors were unsure whether they will be able to save the premature baby.

Since the child’s parents were poor, the hospital also waived off the medical costs of Rs. 1 lakh incurred during the course of her treatment.