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Infant Formula From Chicken Protein
Led by Thai doctor Dr. Pinyo Jirapinyo, a team of scientists from Bangkok's Siriraj University has created a new breast milk substitute for babies allergic to cow and soymilk.

The scientists claim to have developed the milk substitute by working with chicken proteins.

The dean of the Siriraj Hospital Faculty of Medicine announced on Friday that the new milk not only has all the nutrients needed by infants, it is also easy to digest and absorb.

Doctors also gave that through a 5-year long test, it was found that babies were eight times less allergic to their new formula than they were to soymilk.

According to Dr. Pinyo Jirapinyo, out of 800,000 babies born in Thailand each year, 200,000 are breast-fed until they are six months old and the rest are fed with powdered milk made from cow's milk and soybeans. About 20,000 babies are allergic to cow's milk and they are fed instead with soymilk. Even still, many of the babies are also allergic to soymilk, prompting researchers to spend years searching for a viable alternative.

The reason for allergies to food is proteins in them. Since milk is a good source of protein it also causes some food allergies. Besides, the milk sugar- lactose is harmful for people with lactose intolerance.

Common symptoms associated with an allergic reaction to food include: chronic gastrointestinal disturbances; frequent infections, e.g. ear infections, bladder infections, bed-wetting; asthma, sinusitis; eczema, skin rash, acne, hives; bursitis, joint pain; fatigue, headache, migraine; hyperactivity, depression, insomnia.

Cow's milk is one of the foods most commonly associated with allergic reactions. Other foods commonly associated with allergic reactions include: wheat, soy, shrimp, oranges, eggs, chicken, strawberries, tomato, spinach, peanuts, pork, corn and beef.Hope seems to be dawning for these tiny tots, at last.

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