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 Indonesian Woman Delivers 8.7-kilo Giant Baby!
A woman in Indonesia has become a history making mum after she gave birth to the country's biggest ever baby - weighing a whopping 19.2lbs (8.7kgs).

The baby, who is still unnamed and is 62 centimetres (24.4 inches) long, was born by caesarean section Monday at a public hospital in North Sumatra province.

Binsar Sitanggang, the gynaecologist who took part in the operation, said the 'special delivery' was no easy feat, reports Sky News.

"This heavy baby made the surgery really tough, especially the process of taking him out of his mum's womb. His legs were so big," Sitanggang said.

According to Sitanggang, the boy's humongous size was most likely the result of his 41-year-old mother having diabetes.

When a diabetic mother's glucose level is high during pregnancy, the baby can receive too much glucose and grow too large, gynaecologists say.

Indonesia's previous heaviest baby, weighing in at 6.9 kilos, was born in 2007 on the outskirts of the capital Jakarta, according to the Indonesian Museum of Records website.

Source: ANI

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